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The Toyota Cheetahs’ way forward

Posted on Wednesday, 24 Apr 2024

The Toyota Cheetahs’ way forward

The Toyota Cheetahs are looking ahead with a strong focus on developing players and evolving their style of play to match the dynamic tradition of running rugby in the Free State.

“The Cheetahs are investing in the future by giving significant opportunities to young players during the SA Cup, recognizing that development is critical to long-term success. We will continue testing our depth and integrating more players from the Vasity Cup to prepare for the Currie Cup and potential international matches.” Said Ross van Reenen, CEO of the Free State Cheetahs (Pty) Ltd.

The Cheetahs understand that growth comes with challenges and mistakes but see them as crucial steps towards progress.

“To test our player depth, we will keep changing the team for the rest of the SA Cup season. We are at a stage where we want to see what works and what does not; unfortunately, it takes time, but we can make changes from there.” Said Frans Steyn, Toyota Cheetahs Director of Rugby.

“We want to play Free State Rugby – running rugby. This is how we play rugby in the Free State. The way we play and changing the way of play is more important than winning right now. We need a specific type of player for that. A player with the right mindset and hard work will get us there. We have to follow certain processes, and if we get that right, we can win the Currie Cup again.”

“There will be upsets, and it is part of the process. We’re disappointed in this weekend’s match and not content with it, but hats off to the Griffons. They were ready for the game and we were not. We have a lot to work on.”

The commitment to securing top-tier talent is evident in the signing of under-19 players to join the Toyota Academy for the next season. The success of affiliated teams like the Shimlas, Shimla Young Guns and Ixias further validates the effective collaboration with the UFS and CUT in bridging junior and senior rugby.

Despite facing player injuries, the Toyota Cheetahs stay focused on the broader strategic vision. Toyota Cheetahs’ management actively works behind the scenes to secure participation in international competitions and enhance the global brand.

As part of a long-term plan to create opportunities for players, Cheetah players get to play for the Ospreys team, allowing them to play international rugby, i.e. the EPCR Challenge Cup and URC. In return, the Ospreys recently sent four Welsh players to Bloemfontein.  

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