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About Us

Since its inception the Free State Rugby Union was established in 1895 and has carved deep footprints in the landscape of South African rugby. Known for its unique brand of running rugby, the Cheetahs have grown in the hearts of all South African rugby lovers and fans abroad. The Toyota Cheetahs are renowned for being everybody's “second favourite team”, and this is reflected in the team’s viewership numbers and the growth in support base that the team has experienced over the past few years. 

Over recent years the Toyota Free State Cheetahs have become the domestic champions of South African rugby by winning the Currie Cup (South African Domestic Championship) on five occasions over the past 17 years. 

The vision of the Free State Cheetahs

We excel in a profitable organisation that is excited by playing a winning brand of rugby, loved and respected by all.


Our core business is to develop winning teams that will ensure that our supporters, sponsors, and the broad community respect our endeavours.  We strive to adhere to the philosophy of Bill Walsh – “if we do all the right things to precision, the score will take care of itself.”

We commit to

  • Professionally manage rugby on all levels   
  • Delight and entertain our  loyal supporters through a total rugby experience 
  • Respect and grow the legacy and heritage of the Cheetah brand   
  • Optimize our assets and finance 

The Cheetah Way

Passionate – A rugby family that is passionate about the Cheetahs and gives more than is expected

Professional – The Cheetah's professional conduct is embraced by every staff member in every department.

Performance – We perform optimally on and off the field

Humility – Knowing that meekness is not a weakness

Accountability – Ownership for our business and rugby is visible in all our actions 

Innovative – A contemporary approach to business and rugby

Integrity – Impeccable and ethical conduct in relationships 

Owners and Directors

  • Free State Rugby consists of the Free State Rugby Union and the Toyota Free State Cheetahs (Pty) Ltd. 

  • The Union looks after amateur rugby in schools, clubs, women’s rugby, referees and other associations. 

  • The Cheetahs is a registered company and professional franchise in which the Union holds 100% of the shares.  There is a strong focus on sound corporate governance under the watchful eye of the independent Audit and Risk Committee of external financial and business experts.

  • Free State Ruby is accountable to SARU with several checks and balances. 

Free State Rugby Union:  Union Council

PresidentCoenraad Klopper
Deputy PresidentMpho Sekulisa
Deputy PresidentJan-Hendrik Cronje
Coaches AssociationHennie Coetzee
CollegiansEugene Maddocks
CrusadersBarry Jacobus
High Schools AssociationCorne Erasmus
Primary Schools AssociationWesley Wheeler
Old Grey'sMichael Groenewald
Free State Sub-UnionJan   Schmidt
Free State Sub-UnionBruce Samson 
PoliceRonnie Bester
MangaungBiko Mogotsi
Referees AssociationDarren Colby
Steyners Leon Pienaar
Central University of TechnologyLou   Nieuwoudt
Free State UniversityMarius  van Rensburg   
Women's AssociationMe Mapule Manyena
Bloemfontein Defence Force
Pieter de Necker
Lifelong Members
Prof Basie Verster, Harold Verster & Gerrit Coetzer
Coopted Member
Charlie May
CEO:  Free State Cheetahs (Pty) LtdRoss van Reenen
General Manager: Free State Rugby UnionSelvyn   Colby

Free State Rugby Union:  Executive Committee 

Coenraad Klopper, Me Mpho Sekulisa, Jan-Hendrik Cronje, Hennie Coetzee, Eugene Maddocks, Ronnie Bester, Darren Colby, Lou Nieuwoudt, Charlie May.

Selvyn Colby, Ross van Reenen.  

The Union Council elects members of the Executive Committee

Free State Rugby Union:  Finance Committee 

Lou Niewoudt (Chairman), Jerry Segwaba, Charlie May, Conraad Klopper and Anien van Jaarsveld 

Free State Rugby Union:  Disciplinary Committee 

Charles Dell  (Lovius Block, Convenor), Adv. Anton Roux  (Advocate Chambers), Adv. Jerry Morabe, 

Herklaas Venter (Lovius Block), Adrie Hechter  (Adrie Hechter Attorneys), Louis Radley  (Peyper & Sesele) 

Free State Cheetahs (Pty) Ltd

Free State Cheetahs Board of Directors

Ryno Opperman (Chairman), Justine Smith (secretary), Jerry Segwaba, Coenraad Klopper, Charlie May, Marius van Rensburg,  Lou Niewoudt.  On invitation:  Anien van Jaarsveld.  CEO: Ross van Reenen.


Free State Cheetahs Management and Finance Committee

Ryno Opperman (Chairman), Justine Smith (secretary), Ross van Reenen Jerry Segwaba, Coenraad Klopper, Charlie May, Marius van Rensburg, Hawies Fourie.

On invitation:  Anien van Jaarsveld


Free State Rugby Audit, Risk and Remuneration Committee (Union & (Pty.) Ltd.)

Prof. Arrie Schoonwinkel (Chairman), Justine Smith (secretary), Anton Botha, Coenraad Klopper, Kobus Laubscher, Jerry Segwaba, Lou Niewoudt.   On Invitation:  Ross van Reenen, Connie Hertzog, Anien van Jaarsveld

Free State Cheetahs Top Management

Ross van Reenen (Chairman), MJ Smith (COO), Justine Smith (GM), Anien van Jaarsveld, Ronel Pienaar, Moyise Bacela, Piet de Necker, Selvyn Colby.


Free State Cheetahs Transformation Committee

Jerry Segwaba (Chairman), Justine Smith (secretary), Ross van Reenen, MJ Smith