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Your team is only as good as your star player’s replacement.

Posted on Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021

Your team is only as good as your star player’s replacement.

Picture this. It is the last few seconds of a rugby game, your team is on the attack and 2 points behand - then you get a penalty on the halfway line…. That is when you want a star kicker in your team. Unfortunately, however, your star kicker was replaced in the 60th minute. Will the replacement be able to land a 50-meter penalty? It is extremely important that should your key players get injured or replaced, the replacement has the same skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure success.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your team does not rely on a single player, or at least that his processes are well documented and shared with other players in the team.

The same goes for businesses. No business should rely on the performance of a single key person, and if it does – this person’s responsibilities and skills should be well documented and available to the rest of the company. This will ensure that if a key employee leaves the company, or can unfortunately no longer fulfil their responsibilities, the entire company will not come to a standstill.

This can be done by documenting every procedure in the company on i-Manage Compliance and communicating it to the relevant employees. If a key employee leaves, the intellectual property stays within the business and you can train a new employee on the same procedure to ensure continuity in your production.

As an example, if your sales team heavily relies on the performance of your head salesman, and they get headhunted by a different organisation, your sales team will take a massive knock. If this person has documented every procedure they follow, you can technically replace them very easily by communicating these documents to the replacement.

What Covid-19 taught us is that any key person can fall ill at any stage. Lessen your business risk by documenting all your processes on I-Manage Compliance, this will make you less vulnerable when a key person leaves.

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