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Toyota Cheetahs challenge VKB Knights and Bloemfontein Celtic

Posted on Thursday, 17 Sep 2020

Toyota Cheetahs challenge VKB Knights and Bloemfontein Celtic

The Toyota Cheetahs successfully completed the Aquaman Virtual Run on Sunday, 6 September and now the VKB Knights and Bloemfontein Celtic accepted the challenge to be part of the next Justice League virtual run, the Batman virtual run on Sunday, 11 October.

In difficult times, we strive to make a difference in the community by taking part in the Justice League Virtual Run and supporting Headstart Kids in their pursuit to make sure that as many kids as possible receive the necessary nutrition in their meals in order to increase their development. 

The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader and the World's Greatest Detective are all names used to refer to Batman. The Batman Virtual Run is the next event in The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series and is bound to be great fun! Be Batman, be cool, step up, and join us on the 11th of October. On this day, a Super Hero with thousands of fans will take to the streets. All over the country, people will emerge from their homes to take part in the Batman Virtual Run. In every city and town to run for fun, to show courage, to scare away fear and despair – and to help the needy children of this beautiful country. Don’t miss out!

Let us take up this challenge! Come on, let go of your fears, enter and be part of the Batman Virtual Run. You will feel great, you will have heaps of fun, AND you will also be devoting yourself to a very worthy cause Headstart Kids. 

We are calling everyone to be a Super Hero to join The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series, to run as if you are Batman. Use your Super Power, your ability to run or walk. Have fun, feel alive and be part of something big.

 2020 The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series takes place as follows:

 Sunday, 9 August: Wonder Woman Run (Done and great success)

Sunday, 6 September: Aquaman Run (Done and great success)

Sunday, 11 October: Batman Run

Sunday, 8 November: Flash Run

Sunday, 13 December: Superman Run

After these Virtual Runs entire South Africa will get the opportunity to participate in the actual "venue-based mass group" events that will take place in the major South African cities.



 What good is doing good without a few goodies? Entry* into The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series gets you equipped with the following essential armour:

 As part of entry each Super Hero participating will receive a Super Hero Kit** (customised per event so make sure you collect all 5 Super Hero Kits).

For the Batman Run the kit will include:

Collectors Edition Batman Medal
Limited Edition Batman T-shirt
Limited Edition Batman Button Badge

 *T&Cs apply.
**Super Hero Kit content branded per respective Super Hero Run.

Enter The Justice League™ Virtual Run Series. Join your fellow runners (or walkers, crawlers and cyclists) and experience the heroics of completing a 2.5km, 5km, 7.5km or 10km run/walk in your very own neighbourhood.

Fly to our website and give the "ENTER HERE" button a KAPOW! You will unlock your Super Hero access from this page.

 For more information on being part of the very first Super Hero Virtual Run Series, visit us on our website and social media platforms or drop us an email:

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