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Guinness PRO14 Questions and Answers

Posted on Thursday, 31 Jul 2018

Guinness PRO14 Questions and Answers

Q: How are games selected for television?
Once the provisional fixture list has been shared with the teams and requests or clashes have been flagged, the fixtures are sent to our broadcasters ahead of a selection meeting. Generally, the broadcaster hosting the fixture (Premier Sports in the UK, eir sport & TG4 in Republic of Ireland or Super Sport in South Africa) will select a time slot for the game and PRO14 Rugby will work to ensure that (where possible) it meets the traditional KO preferences of the home team.
Once this process is complete the updated fixture list is distributed to our clubs to allow them time to book their travel and accommodation before the fixtures are made public which would affect the costs involved. Once all clubs have confirmed that their arrangements are in place then PRO14 Rugby can publish the fixture list.

Q: I can see there are some Sunday games scheduled across the first 17 rounds, why is this?
The primary slots for Guinness PRO14 games are Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon and evenings, however, in order to avoid clashes with international games at certain points of the season it is necessary to play games on Sundays.
Additionally, clubs who share their ground football teams can end up with fixture clashes and although we have worked to avoid as often as possible there are some parts of the calendar where it was not possible to do so.


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