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Exciting Development for Bloemfontein

Posted on Thursday, 15 Nov 2019

Exciting Development for Bloemfontein

14 November marked the start of a ground breaking new development in the Mangaung Metro Municipality with the soil turning ceremony for the new Old Greys Development Project that will start soon. 

The project will boast the brand new CTU College, which offers a variety of educational diplomas and degrees as well as the new Toyota Cheetahs Institute of Excellence and the development thereof.

The new development will include student housing within the precinct, as well as facilities like a gymnasium, a canteen and Laundromat amongst others, which will benefit the Institute of Excellence and CTU College. 

The development will later be extended to offer more housing, as there is a high demand for student housing in this part of our city.

Apart from the development, the current Old Greys’ facilities will be upgraded by the Developer which includes the two current rugby pitches, for use by the Toyota Cheetahs, the cricket club and the Old-Greys Club.  The existing squash, netball and soccer amenities will remain.

The entire Old Grey’s property is leased by the Free State Rugby Union on a long-term lease with the Mangaung Metro Municipality and will be managed and maintained jointly by the Developer (The Michael Family Trust) and the Free State Rugby Union. 

The development will enhance the skyline of Bloemfontein with new modern buildings and will create a ground-breaking, first in Africa sporting hub with accommodation for more than 1 000 students on the doorstep of the big universities and schools.  A safe passage will be created from the development to the Free State Stadium, the Loch Logan Waterfront and the Central University of Technology by means of enclosed and safe walk-, running- and cycling tracks between these facilities.

The development will create a number of job opportunities during the construction of the process and thereafter and will establish increased business for local supplies, contractors and businesses.

The development will put Mangaung on the “map” as a sporting destination, including the increase in frequency of sporting events in Mangaung and will create an influx of players, coaches, teams, and sporting competitions.

The development will alleviate some of the shortages in terms of student accommodation and create a safe, enjoyable environment to practise, study, live and play for students and sports people alike.

Students will be able to thrive and continue their sporting career and education at the same place. 

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