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Predict the Score on the Cheetahs App and WIN

Posted on Friday, 25 Sep 2020

Predict the Score on the Cheetahs App and WIN

We are all excited about the return of Rugby and will have our first taste tomorrow morning with the warm-up match against the Griquas.

Although, due to the strict Covid-19 protocols, we will not be able to provide live commentary in the Cheetahs App, every Cheetahs supporter can still be part of the experience through the Cheetahs App.

The warm-up match against the Griquas has been activated on the Cheetahs App, and App users can use the Predict Mini Game to predict what they believe the outcome of the match will be. You can earn up to 20 CubCoins (30 if you are a loyal subscriber) by predicting the exact points difference, and will earn proportionally less the further away from the final score you predict.  You can change your prediction right up until the match starts.

Cheetahs App users will be notified of the half-time and full-time scores as soon as the scores become available, but will only receive the scores if messages are activated in the App. Messages are activated by default, but can be disabled in the Settings of the App.

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