Toyota Cheetahs News Toyota Cheetahs News Cheetahs hou nou twee duime vas BLOEMFONTEIN. andndash; Die Toyota Cheetahs sal eers later vandeesweek weet of hulle andrsquo;n inspuiting vir die naweek se Superrugby-wedstryd gaan kry.<br><br> Daar was gister nog hoop vir die beseerde Springbok-losskakel Johan Goosen (harsingskudding) en die Toyota Cheetahs-flank Lappies Labuschagnandeacute; (lies) om Saterdag hier teen die Stormers vir hul span terugandshy; te keer.<br><br> Die Bok-stut Coenie Oosthuizen (nek) sal langer moet wag, terwyl die yster-slot Lood de Jager (vinger) vir die volgende paar weke vir sy Super-span verlore is.<br><br> Oosthuizen was die laaste tyd op die krukkelys en daar is gehoop hy kan teen die Stormers terugandshy;keer.<br><br> Hy het aan die begin van die maand saam met sy spanmaats geslyp, maar andrsquo;n speandshy;sialis het hom toe aangeraai om nog te rus.<br><br> De Jager was vanjaar een van die sukkelende Toyota Cheetahs se beste spelers en andrsquo;n aanspraakmaker om deur Heyneke Meyer, die Springbok-breier, nader getrek te word.<br><br> Maar die slot het Saterdag teen die Haaie in Durban seergekry en kan sowat ses weke langs die kantlyn wees.<br><br> Goosen en Oosthuizen het albei die Haaie-wedstryd misgeloop nadat hulle andrsquo;n week tevore in die Vrystaat-stadion teen die Cruandshy;saders seergekry het. Hulle het nie verlede week saamgeoefen nie.<br><br> Volgens Hawies Fourie, andrsquo;n hulpafrigter van die Toyota Cheetahs, sal Labuschagnandeacute; vandag vir andrsquo;n skandering gaan en Goosen moet nog later in die week harsingskudding-toetse slaag voordat hy die Stormers kan pak.<br><br> Elgar Watts en Heinrich Branduuml;ssow het onderskeidelik in Goosen en Labuschagnandeacute; se plekke teen die Haaie begin.<br><br> Branduuml;ssow was die laaste paar maande met andrsquo;n toonbesering uit en het met sy terugkeer andrsquo;n hoandeuml; werkverrigting gehandhaaf.<br><br> Die flank was, ondanks andrsquo;n geelkaart in die tweede helfte teen hom, een van sy span se min uitblinkers in die Toyota Cheetahs se nederlaag van 8-19.?<br><br> 2014-04-23 Boonste vlak Saterdag oop vir ondersteuners Daar is soos gewoonlik groot opgewondenheid die naweek as ons die Stormers in Bloemfontein verwelkom, wanneer die Toyota Cheetahs en die DHL Stomers mekaar pak in ? Vodacom SupeRugby wedstryd. Die aanvraag na kaartjies vir die wedstryd is baie groot en daarom sal die boonste vlak van die Oostelike pawiljoen oop wees vir toeskouers. Moenie uit mis hierdie naweek nie. Wedstryd skop Saterdag om 17h05 af.<br><br> <br><br> Kaartjie pryse:<br><br> R80 andndash; Hoofpaviljoen (almal)<br><br> R60 andndash; Ooppaviljoen (volwassenes, studente en kinders)<br><br> <br><br> Kaartjies te koop by:<br><br> Cheetah Winkel andndash; Loch Logan Waterfront Aanlyn: Kaartjiekantoor by Hek 5 in die Vrystaat Stadion <br><br> Go Cheetahs!<br><br> 2014-04-22 Rustenburg Impala crowned Cell C Community Cup champions Rustenburg Impala crowned Cell C Community Cup champions<br><br> Rustenburg Impala on Monday held their nerve in a tense Cell C Community Cup final in soaking rain at Outeniqua Park in George to win the second edition of the Easter Playoffs and the historic Gold Cup.<br><br> The victory marked their third back-to-back win in the 2014 Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs, and followed an impressive showing in the pool stages of the competition in which they registered victories in three of their four matches.<br><br> In the other matches, tournament debutantes Hamiltons registered a 27-18 victory against 2013 runners up College Rovers in light rain to finish in third place, and in the dry matches GAP Management Despatch thumped Roses United 57-21 for their fifth-place finish and Refreshhh! Centurion defeated Kempston Old Selbornians 42-14.<br><br> In the SWD Easter Tournament, the Maoriandrsquo;s claimed the title with a 17-0 victory against Bridgton following an exciting competition hosted on the Outeniqua Park B field on Saturday and Monday respectively.<br><br> The All Blacks, meanwhile, finished in third place after defeating Calitzdorp 27-15, while Eagles Stars beat Glen Roses 43-12 and Knysna United outplayed the Jaguars for a 21-16 victory.<br><br> Kempston Old Selbornians 14 (11) Refreshhh! Centurion 42 (11)<br><br> Refreshhh! Centurion produced their best performance of the tournament against Kempston Old Selbornians in their final match to finish the Cell C Community Cup in seventh place. Kempston Old Selbornians started the clash well with Craig Shone kicking a penalty and No8 Craig Green crossing the tryline within the first 12 minutes to build up an 8-0 lead.<br><br> But Refreshhh! Centurion hit back in the second quarter with two penalties by flyhalf Steven Moir, while the team found their rhythm on attack and placed pressure on the Border club, which paid off with a try by centre Stanley Twiname. Shone kicked another penalty for his team before the break to leave the sides locked at 11-11.<br><br> But the flood gates opened for the Pretoria team as they continued to find the gaps in Kempston Old Selborniansandrsquo; defence in the second half with Twiname scoring back-to-back tries. This was followed by another three five-pointers to take their tally for the match to six. In return the opposition managed to kick only a penalty in the second half, forcing them to settle for a disappointing 42-14 defeat.<br><br> Roses United 21 (7) GAP Management Despatch 57 (36)<br><br> Defending Cell C Community Cup champions GAP Management Despatch also finished their Easter Playoff campaign on a high note with an emphatic 57-21 victory against Roses United. The victory marked their second of the tournament.<br><br> So dominant were GAP Management Despatch they scored eight tries to only three by Roses United, with wing Elcardo Mintoor earning a hat-trick. Five of the Port Elizabeth clubandrsquo;s tries were scored in the first half, two of which were in the opening 13 minutes, which allowed them to build up an encouraging 36-7 half-time lead.<br><br> They continued to exploit the weaknesses in the Roses United defence in the second half despite the Boland teamandrsquo;s determined efforts to step up their game, and crossed the tryline three more times. Unfortunately for Roses United, their costly handling errors aside, scrumhalf Percival Williams received a red card in the 64th minute which dealt a further blow to their hopes of a clawing their back into the match. However, they fought until the end and managed to score their third try of the match seven minutes from time to finish the match with 17 points. <br><br> Jonsson College Rovers 18 (8) Hamiltons 27 (7)<br><br> The Cell C Community Cup third and fourth-place playoff between Jonsson College Rovers and Hamiltons was a hard-fought encounter, but Hamiltonsandrsquo; ability to capitalise on their point-scoring chances in the second half handed them a 27-18 victory.<br><br> The first half was a tight affair as the teams threw everything at each other and this showed on the scoreboard with Jonsson College Rovers taking a narrow 8-7 lead. Hamiltons wing Iewan Bartels opened up the scoring with a try in the 15th minute which Shane Vallender converted to hand the team a 7-0 lead. But Jonsson College Rovers captain Christopher Micklewood slotted over a penalty minutes later, which was supported by a try by Warrick Venter. The rest of the second quarter proved to be tight as the teams did well to hold one another out.<br><br> Two tries within five minutes by Hamiltons early in the second half, however, put them on the front foot. Despite this, the KwaZulu-Natal club refused to give up and earned an invaluable try by Quinton Crocker on the stroke of the fourth quarter, which Micklewood converted and followed up with a penalty soon after to reduce the deficit to 21-18. Their hopes of a late comeback, however, were dashed by indiscipline, which allowed Hamiltons replacement back Johannes Jacobus van Zyl to kick two penalties in the last 10 minutes for the 27-18 victory.<br><br> Rustenburg Impala 13 (13) Roodepoort 11 (8)<br><br> The final between Rustenburg Impala and Roodepoort was thrilling as the teams put their bodies on the line in a physical battle for the title of Cell C Community Cup champions. Such was the closeness of the clash, the teams fought until the final whistle, but a successful conversion by Rustenburg Impala proved to be the difference between the sides on the scoreboard.<br><br> With the rain pouring down the teams were forced to play tight rugby, rather than an enterprising game, and they both defended well, resulting in the clash coming down to the wire. Both sides scored their only tries in the first half, but two penalties and a conversion by former Griquas and Western Province flyhalf Naas Olivier to add to their try, to only one penalty by Roodepoort, handed Rustenburg Impala a 13-8 lead at the break.<br><br> The 13 points, however, proved to be the only points scored by the team, as they battled to breach Roodepoortandrsquo;s defence in the second half. Roodepoort flyhalf Hendrik Gerhardus Oosthuizen, meanwhile, added a penalty to their tally in the 56th minute to force their way into contention for the title with the score at 13-11 with over 20 minutes to play.<br><br> But Rustenburg Impala matched Roodepoortandrsquo;s the fine defensive effort, and in the end denied the Johannesburg-based club a last-gasp victory despite their desperate attempts to cross the tryline after stringing together several phases on attack. <br><br> Cell C Community Cup day three scorers:<br><br> Kempston Old Selbornians 14 (11) Refreshhh! Centurion 42 (11)<br><br> Kempston Old Selbornians andndash; Try: Craig Green. Penalties: Craig Shone (2), Warren Rielly.<br><br> Refreshhh! Centurion andndash; Tries: Gerhard van der Merwe, Jacques Olivier, Stanley Twiname (3), Yves Bashiya. Conversions: Steven Moir (3). Penalties: Steven Moir (2).<br><br> Roses United 21 (7) GAP Management Despatch 57 (36)<br><br> Roses United andndash; Tries: Brendon April, Gareth Cilliers, Reinart Hubert Ellmann. Conversions: Brendon April, Lohan Lubbe, Ryan Julies.<br><br> GAP Management Despatch andndash; Tries: Elcardo Mintoor (3), Elroy Ligman, Lesley Luiters, Monty Dumond, Stephan Deyzel, Trichardt van Tonder. Conversions: Monty Dumond (7). Penalties: Monty Dumond.<br><br> Jonsson College Rovers 18 (8) Hamiltons 27 (7)<br><br> Jonsson College Rovers andndash; Tries: Quinton Crocker, Warrick Venter. Conversions: Christopher Micklewood. Penalties: Christopher Micklewood (2).<br><br> Hamiltons andndash; Tries: Iewan Bartels, Kudu Botha, Terry Jacobs. Conversions: Johannes Jacobus van Zyl (2), Shane Vallender. Penalties: Johannes Jacobus van Zyl (2).<br><br> Rustenburg Impala 13 (13) Roodepoort 11 (8)<br><br> Rustenburg Impala andndash; Try: Leon Andries du Plessis. Conversion: Naas Olivier. Penalties: Naas Olivier (2).<br><br> Roodepoort - Try: Jaun Shaw. Penalty: Hendrik Gerhardus Oosthuizen (2).<br><br> SWD Easter Tournament day two results:<br><br> Eagles Stars 43 andndash; 12 Glen Roses<br><br> Knysna United 21 andndash; 16 Jaguars<br><br> All Blacks 27 andndash; 15 Calitzdorp (3rd/4th place-playoff)<br><br> Moariandrsquo;s 17 - 0 Bridgton (final)<br><br> 2014-04-22 Cheetah Welpie Kleuterskole Rugbydag en Pom-poms 31 Mei om 09:00 tot 13:00<br><br> Registrasie en spanfotoandrsquo;s vanaf 07:30<br><br> Venue: Martie du Plessis skool Bloemfontein<br><br> R40 per speler of pom-pom dogter. <br><br> (5 spelers in andlsquo;n span) (Pom-pom groepe van tot 20)<br><br> R10 toegangsgeld vir nie-spelers.<br><br> Graad 00 en Graad R seuns en dogters.<br><br> <br><br> Elke speler en pom-pom dogter ontvang andlsquo;n medalje en andlsquo;n "goodie-bag." Hierdie is andlsquo;n pret rugby-oggend. Goeie sportmanskap en respek vir skeidsregters en maats word aangemoedig. U kind hoef dus nie andlsquo;n rugbyster te wees nie. Spanfotoandrsquo;s en pom-pom-groep fotoandrsquo;s. Verversings beskikbaar. Telefoniese inskrywings sluit 23 Mei en die inskrywingsvorm word ingehandig by die registrasietafel op die 31ste Mei. Maak u eie span of skryf u kind se kleuterskool-span in. <br><br> Navrae en telefoniese inskrywings: 074 202 4444<br><br> <br><br> 2014-04-16 All systems go for Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs Defending Cell C Community Cup champions GAP Management Despatch and Roodepoort will open the 2014 edition of the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs on Thursday at 11h15 at Outeniqua Park in George where the battle begins between South Africaandrsquo;s top eight club rugby teams for the historic Gold Cup.<br><br> <br><br> GAP Management Despatch, Roodepoort, Hamiltons, Jonsson College Rovers, Kempston Old Selbornians, Refreshhh! Centurion, Roses United and Rustenburg Impala will participate in the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs, which reaches a climax on Monday, April 21, with the Cup Final.<br><br> <br><br> The matches will take place over three days; Thursday, Saturday and Monday respectively, and all 12 fixtures will be broadcast live on SuperSport.<br><br> <br><br> Four of the teams participated in the inaugural tournament last year, while Hamiltons, Kempston Old Selbornians, Refreshhh! Centurion and Roses United will make their debut in the Easter Playoffs in the next few days.<br><br> <br><br> "It is fitting that the defending champions will kick off the second edition of the Cell C Community Cup," said SARU CEO Jurie Roux. "This will add to the excitement around the event and the atmosphere at Outeniqua Park where fans will have the luxury of seeing the best domestic club teams in action. In the last few months 20 teams have gone head-to-head for places in the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs and the top teams will now have the opportunity to prove that they have what it takes to be crowned the champions.<br><br> <br><br> "SARU and tournament hosts, South Western Districts Rugby, have been working hard in the last few months to ensure that the tournament is a success, so this is an exciting time for us and for club rugby in South Africa," explained Roux.<br><br> <br><br> 2013 runners up Jonsson College Rovers will meet newcomers Kempston Old Selbornians in the second match at 13h30, while Roses United will take on Rustenburg Impala at 15h45 and Hamiltons go up against Refreshhh! Centurion at 18h00 in the final match of the day.<br><br> <br><br> "I wish all eight teams good luck for the tournament, and I hope the sides participating in the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs for the first time will enjoy this experience," added Roux. "With all the matches being broadcast on SuperSport this is a fantastic opportunity for the teams to showcase their talent and the quality of club rugby in South Africa."<br><br> <br><br> Cell C Community Cup day-one fixtures (Thursday, 17 April):<br><br> 11h15 - Gap Management Despatch vs Roodepoort<br><br> 13h30 - Jonsson College Rovers vs Kempston Old Selbornians<br><br> 15h45 - Roses United vs Rustenburg Impala<br><br> 18h00 - Hamiltons vs Refreshhh! Centurion <br><br> 2014-04-16 Vodacom SupeRugby : Toyota Cheetah team announced The Toyota Cheetah Head Coach, Naka Drotske, has named his starting XV to take on the Sharks on Saturday, 19 April at Growthpoint Kings Park in Durban. <br><br> <br><br> Changes to the team from last week: <br><br> <br><br> Caylib Oosthuizen replacing Trevor Nyakane on prop Heinrich Brussow returning as loose forward after a toe injury Jean Cook replacing the injured Lappies Labuschagne (groin) Boom Prinsloo moving in on no. 8 Elgar Watts replacing Johan Goosen (concussion) Willie le Roux and Hennie Daniller switching places Toyota Cheetahs<br><br> No.<br><br> Position<br><br> name<br><br> 1<br><br> LOOSEHEAD PROP<br><br> Caylib Oosthuizen<br><br> 2<br><br> HOOKER<br><br> Adriaan Strauss (c )<br><br> 3<br><br> TIGHTHEAD PROP<br><br> Maks van Dyk<br><br> 4<br><br> LEFT LOCK<br><br> Lodewyk de Jager<br><br> 5<br><br> RIGHT LOCK<br><br> Francois Uys<br><br> 6<br><br> LEFT FLANKER<br><br> Heinrich Brussow<br><br> 7<br><br> RIGHT FLANKER<br><br> Jean Cook<br><br> 8<br><br> NUMBER EIGHT<br><br> Boom Prinsloo<br><br> 9<br><br> SCRUMHALF<br><br> Sarel Pretorius<br><br> 10<br><br> FLYHALF<br><br> Elgar Watts<br><br> 11<br><br> LEFT WING<br><br> Willie le Roux ( vc )<br><br> 12<br><br> INSIDE CENTRE<br><br> Ryno Benjamin<br><br> 13<br><br> OUTSIDE CENTRE<br><br> Johann Sadie<br><br> 14<br><br> RIGHT WING<br><br> Cornal Hendricks<br><br> 15<br><br> FULLBACK<br><br> Hennie Daniller<br><br> Replacements: <br><br> <br><br> 16.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Ryno Barnes<br><br> 17.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Trevor Nyakane<br><br> 18.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Rossouw de Klerk<br><br> 19.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Andries Ferreira<br><br> 20.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Teboho Mohoje<br><br> 21.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Shaun Venter<br><br> 22.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Riaan Smit<br><br> 23.<br><br> RESERVE<br><br> Raymond Rhule<br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> 2014-04-15 Totale “ Home Make-over” vir Lentedou-huis van Engo Jeugsorgsentrum Lentedou Jeugsorg-huis in Bloemfontein se agt meisies het Vrydag andlsquo;n "nuwe" huis gekry. Dit is soos andlsquo;n droom wat waar geword het.<br><br> <br><br> Sowat twee weke gelede het Credo Home of Hope in samewerking met Engo Kinder-en Jeugsorgsentrums, die behoefte geandiuml;dentifiseer om Lentedou huis op te gradeer. Credo Home of Hope is die Liefdadigheidsbeen van African Mining and Crushing, wat binne die gemeenskap betrokke raak met die doel om andlsquo;n verskil te maak in lewens. <br><br> <br><br> Borge is oral ingesamel deur Credo Home of Hope en die huis het binne twee weke andlsquo;n nuwe baadjie aangetrek. Die hele huis is binne en buite oorgeverf. Die huis is buite herstel waar daar barste was en vensterbanke gebreek was. Die twee badkamers is oorgedoen en nuwe baddens is ingesit, alle deure is aan die binnekant van die huis vervang, wasbakke en ligte is ook vervang. Beddens is oorgesprei en matte is vervang. Nuwe gordyne, beddegoed, handdoeke en selfs andlsquo;n splinternuwe stel nagklere met toiletware en lekker warm pantoffels is vir elke kind aangekoop.<br><br> <br><br> Die waskamer en kombuis is opgegradeer met nuwe teandeuml;ls en verf. Nuwe kombuisware wat nodig was is aangekoop en al die loodgieterswerk in die huis is oorgedoen. <br><br> <br><br> Daar is ook aan die buitekant andlsquo;n lieflike braaiplek aangebou, waar die kinders saam sal kan kuier. Louisa Faila, die huismoeder van Engo se Lentedou-huis is baie in haar skik met die nuwe huis.<br><br> <br><br> Lentedou is een van ongeveer 33 Kinder-en Jeugsorgsentrums in die Vrystaat en is deel van die Engo Groep. Engo streef daarna om andlsquo;n plek van veiligheid aan kinders te bied waar hulle binne normale omstandighede kan groei en ontwikkel. Daar is nou 8 meisies tussen die ouderdom van 13 andndash; 16 jaar wat in Lentedou bly. "Engo Jeugsorgsentrums ontvang slegs ongeveer 50% van andlsquo;n erg afgeskaalde begroting van die staat, en daar is nie voldoende fondse vir die onderhoud en opgradering van eiendom soos die nie. Daarom is die opgradering vir ons wonderlik, en ons is baie dankbaar vir instansies en besighede soos African Mining and Crushing wat ons passie vir die welstand van hierdie kinders deel." het Mnr Jannie Nothnagel, Direkteur Ondersteuningsdienste van Engo gesandecirc;.<br><br> <br><br> Meer oor Credo<br><br> <br><br> Credo is die nuwe naam van Adopt a House wat in 2013 deur African Mining and Crushing op die been gebring is. Hulle het dit ten doel om regtig andlsquo;n verskil te maak in die lewens van mense en kinders. Daarom het hulle ook Engo Kinder- en Jeugsorg as liefdadigheid gekies om by betrokke te raak. <br><br> <br><br> Welmari van Rooyen is aan die stuur van Credo Home of Hope en bestuur en koandouml;rdineer al die projekte. Verskeie projekte wat kinders se lewens verander is verlede jaar afgehandel. Dit sluit in die opgradering van ander Engo Jeugsorghuise, verjaarsdagpartytjies vir kinders, hulp met skoolskryfbehoeftes, bederf vakansies by die see vir kinders in die Engo Jeugsorghuise en dan het hulle ook reeds kinders finansieandeuml;l ondersteun om op nasionale vlak aan sport te gaan deelneem. Credo is die Latyn vir " believe" Verder word andlsquo;n Credo as volg omskryf: <br><br> <br><br> A statement or way of thinking A group of people believe inandhellip; A way of life to reach a higher purpose <br><br> Besoek gerus hulle webblad by vir meer besonderhede.<br><br> 2014-04-15 Win with Cell C One lucky Cheetah Supporter and partner/friend/son/daughter will have the opportunity on Saturday, 26 April 2014, when the Toyota Cheetahs and the Stormers tackle each other in the Free State stadium to go behind the scenes as guests of the FS rugby union and Cell C and to experience what it looks and feels like just before the game starts. <br><br> <br><br> The winner(s) will then get the opportunity to watch the game in the brand new Cell C suite. <br><br> <br><br> As an extra bonus the winner(s) will also be treated in the Cheetah Den after the game to rub shoulders with players, coaches and other whoandrsquo;s who. All you have to do is to sms the words "Cell C Cheetahs" to 34634 (R2 per sms) between Monday, 11 April and Friday 18 April. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, 22 April.<br><br> 2014-04-14 Cell C Sharks remain at the summit - Vodacom Super Rugby Round 9 Review The Cell C Sharks ground out their sixth win of the Vodacom Super Rugby season to stay at the top of the standings, but for the other three South African teams in action this weekend, the ninth round wasnandrsquo;t a happy one.<br><br> <br><br> The KwaZulu-Natalians beat a plucky Lions side by 25-12 in front of more than 30,000 people at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on Saturday evening. It was a battle of attrition and the visitors from Durban scored the only try of the match.<br><br> <br><br> Earlier on Saturday, the Toyota Cheetahs put up a brave fight, but for a second successive week they fell off the pace in the final 10 minutes as they lost by 52-31 to the Crusaders in Bloemfontein andndash; the team from Canterburyandrsquo;s first win in the Free State Stadium for seven years.<br><br> <br><br> On Friday morning, the Vodacom Bulls could not put an end to a seven-year drought in Dunedin as they paid the price for making way too many errors with ball in hand and on defence as they went down by 27-20 to the Highlanders.<br><br> <br><br> The DHL Stormers had a bye.<br><br> <br><br> Vodacom Super Rugby information:<br><br> MEDIA GUIDE (9.5Mb) | NEWS | RESULTS | FIXTURES | LOGS | TOP POINTS SCORERS | TOP TRY SCORERS<br><br> <br><br> Note: By clicking on the various headings, you will be able to access the breakdown for that specific match on, where team line-ups, replacements and run of play can be found.<br><br> <br><br> Highlanders 27 (13) Vodacom Bulls 20 (13)<br><br> A myriad of unforced errors at critical stages when they were strong on the attack cost the Vodacom Bulls dearly as they were beaten 27-20 by a Highlanders side resolute on defence in Dunedin on Friday morning (SA time).<br><br> <br><br> The South Africans started the match at pace and attacked with vigour. Bjorn Basson scored a brilliant try from a blind-side move and a perfect chip-kick by scrumhalf Piet van Zyl. After 22 minutes they were in front by 13-3 and looked to be in control.<br><br> <br><br> But then things went pear-shaped for the three-time champions from Pretoria as they started missing one-on-one tackles, which lead to a couple of soft tries for the Highlanders. A week ago, against the Hurricanes, the Vodacom Bulls made close to 90% of their tackles, but on Friday in Dunedin this figure dropped to below 80%.<br><br> <br><br> The Vodacom Bulls also seemed to suffer from try-line fever and coughed up the ball way too often when they were hot on the attack. While the Highlandersandrsquo; defensive effort was very good, the visitors should also take some blame for this as they simply didnandrsquo;t protect the ball well enough in contact.<br><br> <br><br> A late try by Marcel van der Merwe, converted by Jacques-Louis Potgieter, gave the visitors a losing bonus-point, but if they tackled and handled better, the Vodacom Bulls couldandrsquo;ve won this one.<br><br> <br><br> Scorers:<br><br> Highlanders andndash; Tries: Lima Sopoaga, Gareth Evans, Malakati Fekitoa. Conversions: Sopoaga (3). Penalty goals: Sopoaga (2).<br><br> Vodacom Bulls andndash; Tries: Bjorn Basson, Marcel van der Merwe. Conversions: Jacques-Louis Potgieter (2) .Penalty goals: Potgieter (2).<br><br> <br><br> Toyota Cheetahs 31 (10) Crusaders 52 (19)<br><br> The Toyota Cheetahsandrsquo; inability to close out matches again saw them squander a lead in the final 20 minutes as they went down by 52-31 to the Crusaders at the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein on Saturday afternoon.<br><br> <br><br> Last weekend, the Chiefs scored four tries in the final 20 minutes to force a draw in Bloem. The Crusaders dotted down four times in the final 15 minutes to hand the Toyota Cheetahs their sixth defeat of 2014.<br><br> <br><br> The Toyota Cheetahs, who fought back from 26-10 early in the second half to lead by 31-26 with 20 minutes to go, again delivered a below-par performance on defence. They conceded six tries to the Crusaders, with all of them going to backs and Nemani Nadolo bagging a hat-trick.<br><br> <br><br> As they did against the Chiefs, the Toyota Cheetahs got four tries andndash; by Cornal Hendricks, Sarel Pretorius, Oupa Mohoje and Willie le Roux andndash; in return. Their last three five-pointers were scored during 10 magical minutes for the home team just before the hour mark.<br><br> <br><br> But thereafter the Crusaders took back control of the match and added four more tries. Colin Slade scored 27 points for the visitors from Christchurch, while Elgar Watts, who replaced Johan Goosen early in the match for the Toyota Cheetahs, kicked four conversions and a penalty goal.<br><br> <br><br> Scorers:<br><br> Toyota Cheetahs andndash; Tries: Cornal Hendricks, Sarel Pretorius, Oupa Mohoje, Willie le Roux. Conversions: Elgar Watts (4). Penalty goals: Watts.<br><br> Crusaders andndash; Tries: Israel Dagg, Nemani Nadolo (3), Tom Taylor, Colin Slade. Conversions: Slade (5). Penalties: Slade (4).<br><br> <br><br> Lions 12 (6) Cell C Sharks 25 (6)<br><br> The Cell C Sharks remained patient and kept the pressure up as they won their first away game of the season by beating the Lions by 25-12 at Ellis Park in Johannesburg on Saturday evening.<br><br> <br><br> It was a typical South African derby. At half-time, the teams were deadlocked at 6-6 as both sides made mistakes but also defended very well. All the points were scored through penalty goals by the two flyhalves, Marnitz Boshoff and Fred Zeilinga, who limped off with an injury in the first half.<br><br> <br><br> It took two massive penalty goals by Frans Steyn to take the Cell C Sharks back into the lead in the second half before they pounced on probably their best try-scoring opportunity of the match.<br><br> <br><br> Former Springbok Sevens player Sibusiso Sithole forced a brilliant turn-over before Lwazi Mvovo chipped and gathered to score the only try of the match, with less than 15 minutes left on the clock.<br><br> Up until that point, the Cell C Sharks had steadily built up the pressure on the Lions, but the home team deserves a lot of credit as they kept on trying for the full 80 minutes.<br><br> <br><br> Ultimately they were denied by yet another superb defensive effort by the Durbanites, who have conceded only eight tries in their seven matches this year.<br><br> <br><br> Scorers:<br><br> Lions andndash; Penalty goals: Marnitz Boshoff (4).<br><br> Cell C Sharks andndash; Try: Lwazi Mvovo. Conversion: Frans Steyn. Penalty goals: Fred Zeilinga (2), Steyn (4).<br><br> <br><br> Other results andndash; Round 9:<br><br> <br><br> Reds 20 Brumbies 23 (Brisbane)<br><br> Chiefs 22 Rebels 16 (Hamilton)<br><br> Force 28 Waratahs 16 (Perth)<br><br> <br><br> Logs andndash; after Round 9:<br><br> <br><br> Combined Log<br><br> Pos<br><br> Team<br><br> P<br><br> W<br><br> D<br><br> L<br><br> PF<br><br> PA<br><br> PD<br><br> BPts<br><br> Pts<br><br> 1<br><br> Cell C Sharks (SA leader)<br><br> 7<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 1<br><br> 206<br><br> 113<br><br> 93<br><br> 3<br><br> 27<br><br> 2<br><br> Brumbies (Aus leader)<br><br> 8<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 199<br><br> 161<br><br> 38<br><br> 1<br><br> 25<br><br> 3<br><br> Chiefs (NZ leader)<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 2<br><br> 1<br><br> 189<br><br> 160<br><br> 29<br><br> 4<br><br> 24<br><br> 4<br><br> Force (Wild card)<br><br> 7<br><br> 5<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 176<br><br> 166<br><br> 10<br><br> 2<br><br> 22<br><br> 5<br><br> Waratahs (Wild card)<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 178<br><br> 133<br><br> 45<br><br> 4<br><br> 20<br><br> 6<br><br> Highlanders (Wild card)<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 184<br><br> 184<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 19<br><br> 7<br><br> Crusaders<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 179<br><br> 152<br><br> 27<br><br> 2<br><br> 18<br><br> 8<br><br> Vodacom Bulls<br><br> 8<br><br> 3<br><br> 1<br><br> 4<br><br> 185<br><br> 190<br><br> -5<br><br> 4<br><br> 18<br><br> 9<br><br> Lions<br><br> 8<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 176<br><br> 201<br><br> -25<br><br> 0<br><br> 16<br><br> 10<br><br> Hurricanes<br><br> 7<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 193<br><br> 183<br><br> 10<br><br> 4<br><br> 16<br><br> 11<br><br> Blues<br><br> 7<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 193<br><br> 198<br><br> -5<br><br> 4<br><br> 16<br><br> 12<br><br> Reds<br><br> 8<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 186<br><br> 212<br><br> -26<br><br> 4<br><br> 16<br><br> 13<br><br> Melbourne Rebels<br><br> 7<br><br> 2<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 147<br><br> 182<br><br> -35<br><br> 4<br><br> 12<br><br> 14<br><br> Toyota Cheetahs<br><br> 8<br><br> 1<br><br> 1<br><br> 6<br><br> 213<br><br> 303<br><br> -90<br><br> 3<br><br> 9<br><br> 15<br><br> DHL Stormers<br><br> 7<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 6<br><br> 105<br><br> 171<br><br> -66<br><br> 2<br><br> 6<br><br> <br><br> Australian Conference<br><br> Pos<br><br> Team<br><br> P<br><br> W<br><br> D<br><br> L<br><br> PF<br><br> PA<br><br> PD<br><br> BPts<br><br> Pts<br><br> 1<br><br> Brumbies<br><br> 8<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 199<br><br> 161<br><br> 38<br><br> 1<br><br> 25<br><br> 2<br><br> Force<br><br> 7<br><br> 5<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 176<br><br> 166<br><br> 10<br><br> 2<br><br> 22<br><br> 3<br><br> Waratahs<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 178<br><br> 133<br><br> 45<br><br> 4<br><br> 20<br><br> 4<br><br> Reds<br><br> 8<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 186<br><br> 212<br><br> -26<br><br> 4<br><br> 16<br><br> 5<br><br> Melbourne Rebels<br><br> 7<br><br> 2<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 147<br><br> 182<br><br> -35<br><br> 4<br><br> 12<br><br> <br><br> New Zealand Conference<br><br> Pos<br><br> Team<br><br> P<br><br> W<br><br> D<br><br> L<br><br> PF<br><br> PA<br><br> PD<br><br> BPts<br><br> Pts<br><br> 1<br><br> Chiefs<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 2<br><br> 1<br><br> 189<br><br> 160<br><br> 29<br><br> 4<br><br> 24<br><br> 2<br><br> Highlanders<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 184<br><br> 184<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 19<br><br> 3<br><br> Crusaders<br><br> 7<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 179<br><br> 152<br><br> 27<br><br> 2<br><br> 18<br><br> 4<br><br> Hurricanes<br><br> 7<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 193<br><br> 183<br><br> 10<br><br> 4<br><br> 16<br><br> 5<br><br> Blues<br><br> 7<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 193<br><br> 198<br><br> -5<br><br> 4<br><br> 16<br><br> <br><br> South African Conference<br><br> Pos<br><br> Team<br><br> P<br><br> W<br><br> D<br><br> L<br><br> PF<br><br> PA<br><br> PD<br><br> BPts<br><br> Pts<br><br> 1<br><br> Cell C Sharks<br><br> 7<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 1<br><br> 206<br><br> 113<br><br> 93<br><br> 3<br><br> 27<br><br> 2<br><br> Vodacom Bulls<br><br> 8<br><br> 3<br><br> 1<br><br> 4<br><br> 185<br><br> 190<br><br> -5<br><br> 4<br><br> 18<br><br> 3<br><br> Lions<br><br> 8<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 176<br><br> 201<br><br> -25<br><br> 0<br><br> 16<br><br> 4<br><br> Toyota Cheetahs<br><br> 8<br><br> 1<br><br> 1<br><br> 6<br><br> 213<br><br> 303<br><br> -90<br><br> 3<br><br> 9<br><br> 5<br><br> DHL Stormers<br><br> 7<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 6<br><br> 105<br><br> 171<br><br> -66<br><br> 2<br><br> 6<br><br> <br><br> Top scorers andndash; after Round 9:<br><br> <br><br> PLAYER<br><br> TEAM<br><br> T<br><br> C<br><br> P<br><br> D<br><br> PTS<br><br> Marnitz Boshoff<br><br> Lions<br><br> 0<br><br> 11<br><br> 27<br><br> 6<br><br> 121<br><br> Lima Sopoaga<br><br> Highlanders<br><br> 1<br><br> 13<br><br> 26<br><br> 0<br><br> 109<br><br> Beauden Barrett<br><br> Hurricanes<br><br> 4<br><br> 13<br><br> 19<br><br> 0<br><br> 103<br><br> Quade Cooper<br><br> Reds<br><br> 2<br><br> 15<br><br> 17<br><br> 1<br><br> 94<br><br> Jacques-Louis Potgieter<br><br> Vodacom Bulls<br><br> 1<br><br> 10<br><br> 18<br><br> 3<br><br> 88<br><br> Johan Goosen<br><br> Toyota Cheetahs<br><br> 0<br><br> 14<br><br> 18<br><br> 1<br><br> 85<br><br> Nic White<br><br> Brumbies<br><br> 1<br><br> 15<br><br> 15<br><br> 0<br><br> 80<br><br> Simon Hickey<br><br> Blues<br><br> 0<br><br> 13<br><br> 18<br><br> 0<br><br> 80<br><br> Bernard Foley<br><br> Waratahs<br><br> 1<br><br> 16<br><br> 13<br><br> 0<br><br> 76<br><br> Jason Woodward<br><br> Rebels<br><br> 3<br><br> 6<br><br> 15<br><br> 0<br><br> 72<br><br> <br><br> 2014-04-14 All to play for in the North as the South is settled - Vodacom Cup Round 6 Review While the four teams who will contest the Vodacom Cup quarter-finals from the South Section have been decided, the race to get into the playoffs in the North Section is not over yet after the penultimate round of pool action.<br><br> <br><br> And to add some spice, next weekend four of the top five teams in the North Section take on each other in two highly anticipated clashes. The defending champion Golden Lions (currently fourth on the log) host 2013andrsquo;s runners-up the Steval Pumas (first), while GWK Griquas (second) have to travel to North West province to take on the Leopards XV (fifth).<br><br> <br><br> The Vodacom Blue Bulls (third) host their neighbours to the north, the Assupol Limpopo Blue Bulls, in Pretoria and a likely win should cement their place in the quarter-finals.<br><br> <br><br> Of the top five, only the Leopards XV lost in round six when they went down to the Steval Pumas in Middelburg on Saturday afternoon (44-31), where big Rudi Matthee scored two of the winning teamandrsquo;s tries.<br><br> <br><br> The Golden Lions carded the first century of points for 2014 when they trounced the Assupol Limpopo Blue Bulls by 110-0 in Polokwane on Saturday, and on Friday afternoon GWK Griquas and the Vodacom Blue Bulls were too strong for the Valke (64-34) and Down Touch Griffons (49-10) respectively in two high scoring matches.<br><br> <br><br> Loose forward Carel Greeff scored three tries for the team from the Northern Cape in Kempton Park while four of the Vodacom Blue Bullsandrsquo; six tries were scored by prop Hencus van Dyk and fullback Clayton Blommetjies, who both crossed the Griffonsandrsquo; tryline twice in Welkom.<br><br> <br><br> The top four in the South Section will be the Cell C Sharks XV, DHL Western Province, Toyota Free State XV and SWD Eagles. However, their final positions on the log will only be confirmed after next weekendandrsquo;s last round of pool matches.<br><br> <br><br> On a very hot Saturday afternoon at City Park in Cape Town, the Cell C Sharks XV and DHL Western Province cemented their positions at the top of the South Section log with good victories.<br><br> <br><br> First, the visiting KwaZulu-Natalians scored four tries on their way to a 40-3 win over the Tusker Simba XV from Kenya, after which DHL Western Province ground out a great 28-15 win over the Toyota Free State XV.<br><br> <br><br> Despite beating the Regent Boland Cavaliers by 28-21 in Port Elizabeth on Friday evening, the EP Kings will not qualify for the quarter-finals this year as they were basically knocked out by neighbouring SWD Eagles.<br><br> <br><br> The Eaglesandrsquo; bonus-point 40-26 win over the Border Bulldogs in East London was enough to ensure they finish in the top four of the South Section. Veteran speedster Alshaun Bock scored four tries for the visitors from George, who took advantage of the Bulldogsandrsquo; poor defence and handling errors.<br><br> <br><br> Vodacom Cup information: NEWS | RESULTS | FIXTURES | LOGS | TOP SCORERS | TRY SCORERS<br><br> <br><br> All the Scorers:<br><br> <br><br> Border Bulldogs 26 (14) SWD Eagles 40 (26)<br><br> Border Bulldogs andndash; Tries: Siphosenkosi Nofemele, Makazole Mapimpi, Thembani Mkokeli, Michael Makase. Conversions: Mario Noordman, Bangihlombe Kobese (2).<br><br> South Western Districts Eagles andndash; Tries: Lyndon Hartnick, Alshaun Bock (4), Alwyn Bester. Conversions: Karlo Aspeling (5).<br><br> <br><br> Down Touch Griffons 10 (10) Vodacom Blue Bulls 49 (25)<br><br> Down Touch Griffons andndash; Try: Vuyo Mboto. Conversion: Franna du Toit. Penalty: Du Toit.<br><br> Vodacom Blue Bulls andndash; Tries: Hencus van Wyk (2), Clayton Blommetjies (2), Sampie Mastriet, Burger Odendaal, Ryan Nell. Conversions: Tian Schoeman (3), Joshua Stander. Penalties: Schoeman (2). <br><br> <br><br> GWK Griquas 63 (38) Valke 24 (10)<br><br> GWK Griquas andndash; Tries: Carel Greeff (3), Tian Meyer, Rocco Jansen, Jonathan Adendorf, Ligtoring Landman, Dustin Jinka, Ederies Arendse (2). Conversions: Francois Brummer, Gouws Prinsoo (3), Jacquin Jansen (3).<br><br> Valke andndash; Tries: Sandile Ngcobo (2), Peet Vorster, Shane Kirkwood, Anrich Richter. Conversions: Wayne Gardner, Angus Cleophas (2). Penalty: Cleophas.<br><br> <br><br> EP Kings 28 (10) Regent Boland Cavaliers 21 (8)<br><br> EP Kings andndash; Tries: Cameron Lindsay, Siphe Punguzwa; Penalty try. Conversions: Ntabeni Dukisa (2). Penalties: Dukisa (3).<br><br> Regent Boland Cavaliers andndash; Tries: JC Astle, Harlon Klaasen. Conversion: Christian Rust. Penalties: Rust (3).<br><br> <br><br> Tusker Simba XV 3 (0) Cell C Sharks XV 40 (12)<br><br> Tusker Simba XV andndash; Penalty: Kenny Andola.<br><br> Cell C Sharks XV andndash; Tries: Neil Maritz, Thomas du Toit, Johan Meyer, Andre Esterhuizen. Conversions: Tim Swiel (3), Esterhuizen. Penalties: Swiel (4).<br><br> <br><br> Assupol Limpopo Blue Bulls 0 Golden Lions 110 (68)<br><br> Golden Lions andndash; Tries: Stephan de Witt (2), Selom Gavor, Cyle Brink (2), Stokkies Hanekom, Nico du Plessis (2), Ruaan Lerm, Ruhan Nel (2), Lourens Erasmus, Sipha Qinisile, Chrysander Botha (2), Caswell Khoza. Conversions: Willie du Plessis (15).<br><br> <br><br> Steval Pumas 44 (24) Leopards XV 31 (14)<br><br> Steval Pumas andndash; Tries: Jacques Momberg, Ruwellyn Isbell, Uzair Cassiem, Rudi Mathee (2). Conversions: JC Roos (5). Penalties: Roos (2), Sinovuyo Nyoka.<br><br> Leopards XV andndash; Tries: George Tossel (2), SW Oosthuizen, Jacques Vermaak. Conversions: Gerhard Nortier (4). Penalty: Nortier.<br><br> <br><br> DHL Western Province 28 (11) Toyota Free State XV 15 (10)<br><br> DHL Western Province andndash; Tries: Huw Jones, Robert du Preez, Devon Williams. Conversions: Kurt Coleman (2). Penalties: Coleman (3).<br><br> Toyota Free State XV andndash; Tries: Renier Botha, Kevin Stevens. Conversion: Riaan Smit. Penalty: Smit.<br><br> <br><br> Vodacom Cup Logs andndash; after Round 6:<br><br> North Section<br><br> Pos<br><br> Team<br><br> P<br><br> W<br><br> D<br><br> L<br><br> PF<br><br> PA<br><br> PD<br><br> TF<br><br> TA<br><br> BPts<br><br> Pts<br><br> 1<br><br> Steval Pumas<br><br> 6<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 0<br><br> 274<br><br> 78<br><br> 196<br><br> 33<br><br> 9<br><br> 3<br><br> 27<br><br> 2<br><br> GWK Griquas<br><br> 6<br><br> 5<br><br> 0<br><br> 1<br><br> 227<br><br> 126<br><br> 101<br><br> 30<br><br> 10<br><br> 2<br><br> 22<br><br> 3<br><br> Vodacom Blue Bulls<br><br> 6<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 199<br><br> 111<br><br> 88<br><br> 25<br><br> 10<br><br> 5<br><br> 21<br><br> 4<br><br> Golden Lions<br><br> 6<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 229<br><br> 130<br><br> 99<br><br> 31<br><br> 13<br><br> 3<br><br> 19<br><br> 5<br><br> Leopards XV<br><br> 6<br><br> 3<br><br> 0<br><br> 3<br><br> 219<br><br> 146<br><br> 73<br><br> 28<br><br> 18<br><br> 6<br><br> 18<br><br> 6<br><br> Valke<br><br> 6<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 163<br><br> 221<br><br> -58<br><br> 21<br><br> 29<br><br> 4<br><br> 8<br><br> 7<br><br> Down Touch Griffons<br><br> 6<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 141<br><br> 223<br><br> -82<br><br> 19<br><br> 32<br><br> 3<br><br> 7<br><br> 8<br><br> Assupol Limpopo Blue Bulls<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 0<br><br> 6<br><br> 47<br><br> 464<br><br> -417<br><br> 6<br><br> 72<br><br> 0<br><br> 0<br><br> <br><br> South Section<br><br> Pos<br><br> Team<br><br> P<br><br> W<br><br> D<br><br> L<br><br> PF<br><br> PA<br><br> PD<br><br> TF<br><br> TA<br><br> BPts<br><br> Pts<br><br> 1<br><br> Cell C Sharks XV<br><br> 6<br><br> 6<br><br> 0<br><br> 0<br><br> 204<br><br> 93<br><br> 111<br><br> 24<br><br> 11<br><br> 3<br><br> 27<br><br> 2<br><br> DHL Western Province<br><br> 6<br><br> 5<br><br> 0<br><br> 1<br><br> 201<br><br> 115<br><br> 86<br><br> 30<br><br> 14<br><br> 3<br><br> 23<br><br> 3<br><br> SWD Eagles<br><br> 6<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 217<br><br> 150<br><br> 67<br><br> 30<br><br> 18<br><br> 5<br><br> 21<br><br> 4<br><br> Toyota Free State XV<br><br> 6<br><br> 4<br><br> 0<br><br> 2<br><br> 202<br><br> 138<br><br> 64<br><br> 27<br><br> 16<br><br> 5<br><br> 21<br><br> 5<br><br> Eastern Province Kings<br><br> 6<br><br> 2<br><br> 0<br><br> 4<br><br> 144<br><br> 154<br><br> -10<br><br> 18<br><br> 19<br><br> 3<br><br> 11<br><br> 6<br><br> Tusker Simba XV<br><br> 6<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 92<br><br> 208<br><br> -116<br><br> 13<br><br> 32<br><br> 3<br><br> 7<br><br> 7<br><br> Regent Boland Cavaliers<br><br> 6<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 117<br><br> 180<br><br> -63<br><br> 14<br><br> 23<br><br> 2<br><br> 6<br><br> 8<br><br> Border Bulldogs<br><br> 6<br><br> 1<br><br> 0<br><br> 5<br><br> 107<br><br> 246<br><br> -139<br><br> 13<br><br> 36<br><br> 1<br><br> 5<br><br> <br><br> 2014-04-14